Tropic flute?

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Tropic flute?

Post by elektrolikit »

im working on some tropic tunes.

Here is my latest study:

and backtrack of it for everyone

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Post by m3the01 »

Sounds great,

How long have u been playing? Are u still studying with a teacher?

U sound really great, i would have thought u were pro...

Congrats, i hope one day to play as well as u.

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Post by asoalin »

Beautiful! Where did you find this kind of music?

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Post by elektrolikit »


I've been playing for +8 years.
I guess there are tons of technical mistakes at that record but im not a formal flute student and i dont take lessons for a while (few years)

Thanks for comments :)

This is totally my record.
Guitars and flute.

Pls feel free to improvise on it, i would be really happy if i hear different versions...

I like happy tunes...

Tropic notes are really relaxing arent they??


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