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Yes indeed, we have a Brannen victory then! :-)

But reminding what MissyHPhoenix said, I forgot to mention that my flute is a Sankyo body which I play with a Nagahara Headjoint.
None of them I had the oportunity to test play before buying/ordering.
It was more like some sort of luck and oportunity of the moment thing. My Sankyo was offered for many flutists (who could not afford it) before it came to my knowledge. I had to travel 1200 km to try this flute, and considering the flute I had before (an old standart all silver Muramatsu) it was just amazing to play such an instrument like that. So, I just cleaned my savings to buy it, almost had to sell one eye to pay for it, but it was mine after all. There was no other flute in this class available anywere for me to try.
The other thing was the headjoint I play with this flute now. Well, I loved the original headjoint that came with my Sankyo (NRS1 type), but I felt that at the orchestra, the havier repertoire would need some sound with more volume and brilliance. Then, it came to my experience hearing the opinions and comments from many people. I had to decide blindly what kind of headjoint design would fit me and my flute. So I ordered the Nagahara, and there is a whole story behind the way I got it, but fact is that the head made it to me. I just had to let it at my technician so he could adjust it to my Sankyo. Work done and the difference from my original Sankyo headjoint was amazing! I could not believe I was right in so many research variables.
That was my side of the "choose a flute/headjoint" history.

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