Practice Planning (Powell + Muramatsu)

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Practice Planning (Powell + Muramatsu)

Post by mobileavatar » Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:04 am

Hi All,

I understand there has been lots of questions on flute brands/purchse in the past, so I'd like to look at it from a slightly different angle:

Picking up the flute again recently, I have recently purchased a powell signature and muramatsu ex, to (re-)develop the techniques before moving on to higher-end ones. The reasons I bought, not because I cannot decide on one, but I think because they are so different, I might be able to develop certain tones through the best/worst of them. One risk I can now foresee will be the adapataion of the embouchure, since the "sweetspots" for both are so different, but maybe one can see that as an "opportunity" as well?

So, I would like to have your opinons: how you would divide up your practice, e.g. study types - scales, tones, etc. and time, e.g. both flutes every day, each for a week/month?

Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Post by caitlin i » Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:51 am

I have 3 flutes that I use for different reasons. My Brannen Brothers is my flute that I practice and perform on. My intermediate Yamaha I use in "dangerous" situations like band practice. And I use both that Yamaha and my student model Gemeinhardt for teaching around younger students who can be very careless. I can tell you that using the two older flutes really reaps havoc on my embouchure, but I will not risk a scratch or dent in my Brannen Brothers!

I'm confused about your reason for wanting to practice on both flutes, so my response may not be what you are looking for.

I do think practicing both flutes equally is a good idea if what you are trying to do is experiment and explore the advantages and disadvantages of each flute. If you are exploring mostly the tone production aspect maybe you would like the Trevor Wye Tone Book.

Well my suggestion is to practice one flute and then do the same routine on the other flute after/later for comparison. Just remember not to over do it. You don't want to injure yourself from overpractice.

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Post by Phineas » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:15 am


Just pick one, and play on it when you feel like it. I have 3 flutes right now

Miyazawa Legacy 1E (Small groups, solos, and recording.)
Orpheuo Richard Egues (Rehearsal, jam sessions, recording)
Jupiter 511 Capital Edition(General purpose)
Armstrong 210 Pic(General purpose)

I just play in which ever one I feel like. Of course, I have my favorites for what ever type if tune/piece I am playing. I just choose not to make the situation complicated. You will gravitate towards the one you want to use for a given situation.

Nothing mystic, or scientific, just PLAY THE D**N THANG! Have fun!


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