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I'm sure (if you're an avid youtube watcher like myself), that you've seen/heard of Greg Pattillo, a very good flute beatboxer (fluteboxer? and if you haven't heard of him, click here to see a video of him remixing the Inspector Gadget theme).
Anyway, have any of you tried this fun and unique way of playing? If you have, do you have any tips for beginners at this?[/url]
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Post by fii »

Yeah, I've seen some Patillo's video in Youtube. It's great :D I've tried to beatbox while playing flute, but all my effort failed. maybe after I master flute in classic, I'll try to beatbox again :p

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Oh Greg's a great guy! I met him at the NFA convention this past summer. It turns out that one of my teachers knew him from before he was famous, and we hung out for a little while at the convention.

He gave a seminar about how to beatbox and play flute.... together. It's mostly using percussive syllables while retaining a loose embouchure. He specifically uses the syllables "boots" and "cats." Not those words exactly, but the shape of the mouth.

Other than that, I can't help you. Sorry!

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