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Pearl 785 used flute

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Pearl 785 used flute

Postby kangtane » Sat May 06, 2017 6:22 am

I am considering getting a Japan made Pearl 785 for an upgrade from my years old yamaha 221.
The seller also got it second hand so he does not know much about its history.
I heard several pieces of recording by him posted online playing the instrument and it did seemed nice and well functioning.
I can't tryout the flute before buying b/c he lives almost 6 to 7 hours drive away.
He offered around $1300 for it.
Should I go for it?
I was considering to buy a brand new YFL-472H but this instrument looks so damn pretty and tempting.
Really need your opinion.

One more thing.
the brand engraving on the instrument is in cursive and I have never saw anything like this on a pearl flute.
Is anyone familiar about such engraving?

https://cafeptthumb-phinf.pstatic.net/M ... ?type=w740

(I don't know if the images above will show.. but the link of the photo above shows the brand engraving.)

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