AAH HELP!!!!!!!

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AAH HELP!!!!!!!

Post by x_flutebabe_x »

okay breathe in breathe out....
okay so i have a flute solo eisteddfod tomorow and im soooo nervous. im playing the sicilienne by gabriel faure and im 6th out of 14 ppl. !
last year i came 'very highly commended' (thats just before 3rd place) and i remember when i was about to start my legs felt like jelly and when i played it was all shaky and quivering. [!] so...
any tips on how to get less nervous?
Thanks guys

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Post by Zevang »

It's mostly a matter of playing in public the more you can.
You also may try concentrating exercises, so it would involve something like yoga, meditation and alike.

But I really believe that your greater gain is practicing with real audience.


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Post by flutepicc06 »

I completely agree, Zevang. Even setting up mock auditions with friends and family, band directors, other flutists, etc. can be very helpful. I have also heard people say that taking 3 or 4 (no more than that) deep breaths just before you start can help a lot.

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Post by fluteguy18 »

I agree completely with everyone else. Also, another tip is this: change your frame of mind. You aren't nervous. you are EXCITED. Saying that you are nervous pushes the music away from you, and saying you are excited pulls it toward you. Acknowledge the adreneline, and use it to your advantage.
Also, having prepared extensively helps, because you'll know you have done everything in you power to prepare. And on another note, keep in mind, that regardless of what happens, there will be a tomorrow. Life will move on, and if you mess up, it is not the end of the world. If you mess up, move on. you can still salvage the solo. I mean look at sasha cohen. She fell at the olympics but still performed. She won silver. Sure, it isn't gold, but her other biggest competitor (russia) gave up when she fell. because of this she won bronze. one woman chose to continue performing and move on, and one gave up. it really makes a difference.

My senior year, I played Mozart's Flute Concerto in G major in the spring concert. I messed up on the second page, and stopped playing for one beat. In that one beat, I remembered the story I just told you about Sasha Cohen, and decided to still perform. Sure, I messed up a couple of articulations afterwards in my trouble spot, but no one noticed because I continued without flinching. A few weeks later after the graduation ceremony, some people saw me, and came out of thier way, away from thier families to compliment me.

If you mess up, dont give up!

I have confidence in you. You wouldn't have a solo if you didn't deserve it. you will be great. :D

Good luck!

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