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Re: Piercings

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I'd like to say, I have a tongue piercing. And it has not affected my ability to play flute. I could flutter tongue before I got the piercing. And with some practice, I could flutter tongue again. It hasn't changed my pitch at all. And I am very disappointed in the low amount of knowledge portrayed by some people on here. Do actual research before you go stating facts that aren't true.
Get your piercing. And if it doesn't work out, take it out. It's that simple.

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Re: Piercings

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sonicit1 wrote:Get your piercing. And if it doesn't work out, take it out. It's that simple.
Unfortunately, there is a hole in your tongue (or lip) that can't be removed. Once muscle or nerve damage occurs, it is irreversible. It's perfectly fine for wind musicians to get piercings any place except the mouth, lips, or tongue. Wind instrument players should think long and hard before getting a piercing in those areas. If you want a piercing there, that's fine but switch to drums or a stringed instrument that does not depend upon the mouth, lips, or tongue to produce music. Or consider getting a piercing in other areas such as ear, nose, eyebrow, or some nether region. :shock: People don't use those body parts to play most music instruments...
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