Buying a Yamaha YFL881H Flute

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Buying a Yamaha YFL881H Flute

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I saw a Yamaha YFL881H flute at a pretty reliable local music shop. It was originally listed for $7450 and was discounted to $4995 (Canadian dollar). It was advertised as new but the case and the bag didn't look new and the flute itself had fine polishing marks all over (probably from the silver polishing cloth) and the pads had some ring marks too. It was hard to tell if it was brand new though it was in a like-new condition. The quality of sound was very nice, I have to admit.There was no product registration card or any other paperwork in the package. I asked where and when it was made and I was told it was made in USA but not sure when. The sales rep tried to look up the serial number on the internet but didn't succeed. I also learned that this model had been discontinued. I have contacted Yamaha to get more information on the flute and am still waiting for their email. Is this flute a good deal? Thanks.

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Re: Buying a Yamaha YFL881H Flute

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I am not familiar with that particular model. But if you are going to spend that kind of money you might want to check out some other flute manufactures ie. Altus, Pearl, Murimatsu (sp?) Mirizawa. There are many good flutes in that price range.


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