It it cheating, or just "alternate fingering"?

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It it cheating, or just "alternate fingering"?

Post by blowtorch711 »

My question is about acceptable fingerings for C#2/Db2...

When I'm playing a passage fast, and I need to jump quickly from D2 to C#2 and back to D2, I'm finding that if I use the fingering for C#1, it's so much quicker, smoother and frankly easier. It sounds more fluid to me, and the C# I get by using the C#1 fingering sounds about as good as it does if I jump up to play the C#2 fingering "correctly" (in fact, to me it sounds better - without the big discontinuity, I can play much more fluidly and the note seems properly connected).

I think my old flute teacher would admonish me for "cheating" that way and insist I play C#2 using the proper fingering. But she's not around. :roll:

My question: when I'm playing D2 and I need a quick C#2/Db2, is it really so wrong to just press down that big, flat C#/Db key that's right there next to my pinky if I need a quick C#2/Db2 (even though all the fingering charts tell me that I should just lift up every key finger and play it with nothing but the ubiquitous D#/Eb key held down for stability)?

Is that "cheating" or just an alternate fingering?

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Re: It it cheating, or just "alternate fingering"?

Post by Fotofavoloso »

I usually have to take into consideration the following:

1. Am I playing the note in tune?
2. Is the C# a an integral part of the melody or is it a passing note?
3. And is there a noticeable difference in the tone, texture and color of the sound produced by the alternate fingering.

I will often record it both ways and listen back, then make a determination.

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Re: It it cheating, or just "alternate fingering"?

Post by ubite »

Instead of using the C# key, play C#2 using the index, middle and ring fingers of your right hand. That means you just lift the two fingers of your left hand on D2 when trilling D to C#. It sounds much better than using the C# key and it's just as easy.

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