I Need Some Guidance On Naf Flutes...

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I Need Some Guidance On Naf Flutes...

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Hi everyone.

After seeing some NAF's for sale locally I decided that they would not only make a great instrument for me to carry around for personal enjoyment but also make a great addition to my recording studio for scoring film. After some internet searching I ordered a very nice traditional looking flute for about $300. When I received it I was impressed with the craftsmanship but disappointed with the sound. Using my guitar tuner I found that the flute was only in tune for the fundamental note of G and drifted from there. With plans to record this instrument for professional use I had to return it. So now I am only considering flutes with sound files of the individual flute that I intend on purchasing. With that said, each manufacture records their flutes differently. They are most likely not in a recording studio, they each use different mics (some pro gear and some not), the positioning of mics for the recordings are different, and some add in effects such as echoing etc..
These variations making it increasingly difficult to compare the tonal quality of the flutes even listening to them on studio monitors in a treated room. All that leads me to this. I am looking for NAF's that are in tune and have a clean, pure sound. The term I have seen used is "concert quality". Although that is pretty subjective. While craftsmanship is nice, a plain looking flute with a great sound is what I am looking for. I am also planning to buy a few in various keys. If you guys could make some suggestions on the various manufactures that fit these requirements I would appreciate it.

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Re: I Need Some Guidance On Naf Flutes...

Post by Mali »

I've been playing the NAF flute for some months now, so I'm a beginner, but I've been on the fluteportal forums where there' s plenty of people and there's been many discussions about good flute makers. If you're in the UK, then there's secondvoiceflutes: http://www.secondvoiceflutes.co.uk/pages/keys.html

In the US there's an awful lot, I have one from Ed Hrebec (spiritofthewoodflutes.com). He makes flutes for best-selling artist so his flutes are a safe bet :)

Hope that helps!

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