flute dents

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flute dents

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so ummmm, i have found 3 dents on my flute, 2 on the headjoint and one on the body. The first one o found on the headjoint is around 1/3 of an inch wide but it doesn't look at all to make an indent on the inside of the tube, the second one is about 3 to 4 millimeters wide but again doesn't have an affect of the inside tubing. The last one i found is a bit wider than the second dent on the headjoint but is a bit deeper. I know i need to get them fixed and I'm going to my flute teacher to see where she recommends for me to go but i'm really embarrassed, and scared for the sound of my flute. What are the actual effects and should i be worried if it takes a while to repair the dents? I don't want to talk to anyone about it really except my flute teacher because i know the people in my section will make fun of me.

- a confused student

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Re: flute dents

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Dents happen and there is no need to be embarrassed. The main lesson to learn from this is to be careful handling the flute. If you are near others who are careless or clumsy, then be sure to take extra care that someone else does not bump your flute.

From your description, I suspect it can be easily repaired. As you described them, very small dents will have little or no impact upon your flute's sound but I do suggest having a flute technician remove them. Minor dents are not difficult for a flute technician to repair. The length of time it will take depends more upon how busy the shop is more than the length of time it requires to perform the repair. If you make an appointment for the repair, you shouldn't have to be without your flute for a long time.
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