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Online Flute Repair Teacher Wanted (skype lessons)

Taking care of your instrument

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Online Flute Repair Teacher Wanted (skype lessons)

Postby Speni » Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:03 am

I'm a novice repairer, looking for an online tech teacher, to teach me, using Skype (or similar). I live in Asia, so have no access to English language courses. Of course I will pay for lesons (Paypal etc.)

1. Stripping and putting together a flute - no problem.
2. Replacing pads and levelling them (on student flutes), using shims - a lot of experience, but possibly making minor mistakes

3. Replacing felts and corks, for key height and regulation - a lot of experience, but possibly making minor mistakes

4. Replacing springs - little experience, but have done it competently when necessary.

Things I can't do, and want to be able to do (many minor things, I think)

1. After repadding and regulating the pads seem to move over a few days, creating leaks (I've helped this by not overloading the back of the cups with shims, but it's still an issue).

2. Understand key pins, and replacing them.

3. Straightening rods

4. Leveling tone holes

5. Repadding open holed flutes

6. Repadding technique for pro flutes (using thinner, harder pads and plastic base shims in the cup, such as Altus pro flutes etc.)

7. Removing dents

Please conact me if interested.

8. Soldering techniques

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