Nielsen Flute Concerto

Specifics of Performing Flute Repertoire, such as Articulation, Phrasing, Tone, Tempo, etc.

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Nielsen Flute Concerto

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Hi, I'm studying the Nielsen flute concerto for a HUGE competition in December. :) And I have the solo and the piano part, but it would help me so much to see the full score, because the winner of this gets to play the concerto with an orchestra. But my teacher and I do not have the full score and the symphony library in the town I live doesnt have it either. If anyone has the full score, could you please message me? Thank you so much! :) <3

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Re: Nielsen Flute Concerto

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hi,could you send the nielsen concerto piano and flute part as a pdf in my email?
i would appreciate it.i live in greece and i cannot find any classical music at all.
in case u want to send it to me i leave my email here.

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Re: Nielsen Flute Concerto

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