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Searching for new music!

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:54 pm
by jspach

I hope you guys can help me a bit. I have a recital coming up, and I'm just searching for pieces that break the stereotypes of a classical flutist. Traditional classical music isn't really what this is about, I'm searching for pop-like harmonies and rhythms. I love the music for example from Rhonda Larson, Ian Clarke and Philippe Barnes, and the kind of songs that you can't listen without nodding your head or tapping your foot. I also just found a piece from Michael Culligan called 'Due Northwest' and I'm loving it!

You wouldn't happen to know any pop'ish or folk-like classical composers or performers, or just composers that write music similar to the ones I listed?

Many thanks (and sorry for my english)! :-)