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by ninjanoman
Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:18 am
Forum: General "Hang-Out" Place
Topic: Tarnished Flute
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Tarnished Flute

I have had my Trevor James TJ10xIII for 7-8 years now, and have since upgraded to a more advanced flute for the higher grades. My old flute stays mainly in its original case, as a spare for emergencies, though I do take it out and play it/clean it often. It's nickel with silver plating, and since it...
by ninjanoman
Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:48 am
Forum: General "Hang-Out" Place
Topic: General Playing Questions
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General Playing Questions

1) What trills could be affected by my Split-E Mechanism? I read in some reviews that the mechanism can sometimes make trills harder but have yet to find them - and are there any ways to make them easier again? 2) I recently had a spring replaced on my flute after it broke - "Just One of Those Thing...
by ninjanoman
Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:08 pm
Forum: Intermediate Flute Playing Tips and Questions
Topic: Glissando fingering
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Re: Glissando fingering

Does your flute have an E-Mechanism? This makes it a lot easier to play glissandos and faster, sliding style notes, and is usually found on Intermediate and some Step-Up level flutes. Student flutes do not have this very often. If you don't have one, this could be why your glissandos aren't very fas...
by ninjanoman
Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:02 pm
Forum: General "Hang-Out" Place
Topic: Best Cleaning Tools?
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Best Cleaning Tools?

When it comes to cleaning my flute, I have previously been quite lax about it and neglected my student Trevor James quite a bit. I used a 'pipe-cleaner' style wand until that broke, and then moved onto an old hankie on the cleaning rod supplied with the flute, occasionally cleaning it out (terrible,...